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This is a SMOKING hot clip. Gorgeous Angelie is now laid flat on the torture table and tied tighty. Mistress Jezabel and I torment her beautiful bare body as she laughs, screams, and begs for us to stop. Angelie’s begs are so adorable as Jezabel dismisses her pleas and teases her even more. Jezabel and […]

At last, we see one of Tickle Empire’s most INSANELY TICKLISH models return! Super sexy Mexican bombshell Angelie returns to the dungeon, and we love her for it! Our sexy girl is covered only by a short, thin tube top and a stringy thin thong. This leaves more than enough of her body exposed for […]

Our Mexican beauty Angelie makes her return to the dungeon to be mercilessly tortured by The Emperor. In our last clip, Angelie fails to solve the riddle and calls out the safe word. Now she is to serve her punishment on the bondage swing being tickled senseless. She starts off wearing a sexy see through […]

It gives me an insurmountable quantity of pleasure to introduce one of our most hyper ticklish models to date. Ladies and gents; meet the gorgeous Mexican bombshell Angelie. We did something a little different for this vid. Angelie is given a riddle and told the tickling will not stop until she can solve it. This is […]