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Our Mexican beauty Angelie makes her return to the dungeon to be mercilessly tortured by The Emperor. In our last clip, Angelie fails to solve the riddle and calls out the safe word. Now she is to serve her punishment on the bondage swing being tickled senseless. She starts off wearing a sexy see through […]

It gives me an insurmountable quantity of pleasure to introduce one of our most hyper ticklish models to date. Ladies and gents; meet the gorgeous Mexican bombshell Angelie. We did something a little different for this vid. Angelie is given a riddle and told the tickling will not stop until she can solve it. This is […]

Our T.V. personality is back in the dungeon, stretched out and vulnerable on the rack wearing nothing but a paper thin thong. I turn the crank and stretch her out before beginning on her buttersoft underarms. She squeals and laughs and pulls away. I then dig my fingers into her ribs throwing her into bursts […]

Tickle Empire celebrates its first all female F/F tickle clip and who better to make it happen than our gorgeous top model Monika Maple and Webdreams star Katrina B. Monika starts by tickling our pet T.V. personality on her bare sides and underarms making her giggle and squirm. Katrina looks so sexy as she moves […]

The tables have turned. Monika has outsmarted The Emperor and now has him in the dungeon; stretched out and helpless. She jokes and pokes fun at me while she is is tying me up. Then she begins the merciless torment by starting on my clothed upper body. She barely even touches my underarms and im […]

Once again; The Emperor sees fit to subdue our beautiful tickle slave Monika and lock her up in the dungeon. Now tied face down, The Emperor forces Monika to endure cruel, torturous tickling all over her body. I begin by teasing her back and luring her into a false sense of relaxation. When I feel […]

Click… Click.. Click… The crank ticks away the time until Monika is stretched tight and flat on the torture rack. Sporting a sexy and revealing school girl uniform which exposes all her ticklish areas; Monika lands herself back in the dungeon, waiting for The Emperor to torture her to madness. Her vulnerable, stretched out, ticklish […]

  Our little officer is up to her usual police girl antics. The Emperor however has other plans. Monika won’t be giving out any tickets today. Instead she will be hung by her wrists from the ceiling so high that her arms are stiff and her toes are barely touching the ground. I start by […]

Let’s hear it for our front line beauty Monika Maple! Monika seems to think that today is the day she is enrolling in the military. The Emperor however sees fit to impede her efforts once again. Sporting her skimpy army girl uniform; Monika is captured and tied to the X-Frame. She is tickle tortured all over […]